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The #1 Mistake Most Members Make...
Cancer treatment costs can be very high. Please don't be fooled into thinking you already have enough insurance to cover cancer.
Most insurance does not cover all of the costs to treat cancer. Even if you have Medicare, Medicaid, or a private major medical plan, chances are you'll have to pay some of the bill. Even for simple Type One cancers, your share may run into thousands of dollars.
It's painful to see a nest egg built by the sweat of your brow over many years wiped out in just a few months.
That's why the Good Sam Club created the Good Sam Cancer Care Plan1. We wanted to send you cash benefits - up to a lifetime amount of $300,000.002 - if you're caught in a battle with cancer.
Cash Benefits Sent To Members Diagnosed With Cancer
Good Sam Cancer Care helps with just about every aspect of your treatment: hospitals, operations, doctors, drugs and more.
Plus, we send the cash benefits directly to you - not to the doctors, the hospitals or anyone else. (Cash benefits may be sent to the provider if you'd like.)
Benefits Sent Even If You DON'T Have Cancer...
Yes - you read that right! We'll send money even if you don't have cancer.
This is because the best way to beat cancer is to catch it early. So we'll help pay for covered outpatient diagnostic tests for cancer for you and your covered dependents. We'll pay you $30.00 for each insured member of your family that has a test this year. And next year. And every year after that, while you're in the plan.
We'll pay whether the test is negative (which we hope it will be) or positive. And if it's positive, you'll have additional cash benefits to help with your treatment and recovery.
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1. Underwritten by Monumental Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA
2. Plan pays up to $300,000.00 Lifetime maximum subject to specific plan benefit schedules, limitations and individual benefit maximums.

Cancer Care Insurance 30-Day Free Look
Take up to 30 days to look it over. If it’s not what you had in mind, mail back the Certificate for a 100% refund.
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