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The Secret’s Out: 7 Hidden Fishing Spots for the Perfect Catch

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Across the U.S., fishermen search far and wide for the perfect fishing hole that guarantees a good catch each and every time. Some spots are found accidentally along hikes, others are best-kept secrets only locals know about – and they aren't giving away the location anytime soon. Luckily, a few generous anglers have shared some of their favorite spots for catching fish away from the more popular streams. Here are just a few of America's secret fishing spots that aren't so secret anymore.

Fontenelle Creek, Wyoming

Near Kemmerer, Wyoming in the middle of nowhere, there's a creek tucked away from view which features brook and cutthroat trout, as well as wild rainbow and browns. This particular fishing spot which extends through private and public land is a little difficult to get to, but it's totally worth it for the fly fishing. Fontenelle Creek has become a fan favorite – for those who can find it – due to its remoteness and the many larger fish you'll reel in.

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Bald Eagle Lake, Minnesota

If you want a truly successful fishing trip, drop a line in Bald Eagle Lake in the middle of winter. The ice fishing is said to be specular since the state of Minnesota keeps this lake well-stocked with largemouth bass, blue gill, walleye and northern pike. You may even come across some large than average bullhead catfish if you're lucky. Hooking fish three pounds or more is not uncommon in this area.


Lake Alan Henry, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the fish. 65 miles southeast of Lubbock, Texas is Lake Alan Henry, a goldmine for a variety of fish, including huge largemouth bass that will please any eager angler. This well-stocked reservoir is one of Texas' best-kept fishing secrets – and for good reason. In this lake you will also find blue catfish, white crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, and shad. So get your camera ready – there will be plenty of photo-ops during this visit.

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Klacking and Houghton Creeks, Michigan

Avoid the large crowds at Michigan's more popular streams like the Au Sable and Manistee, and shoot for lesser known spots where even seasoned anglers wouldn't think to look. Fishing holes such as Klacking and Houghton Creeks produce humongous trout. In fact, a 16-pound brown trout found in Houghton held the state record for decades. For a quiet, peaceful and bountiful fishing experience, these two creeks are worth checking out.


Jerome Lake, Alaska

Looking to getaway? Far away? Travel to Alaska's Jerome Lake where you'll find the most perfect place for salmon and rainbow trout. Here you won't have to compete with the crowds you'd find at other fishing holes. Located along the Seward Highway, this small yet scenic lake gives you the privacy and isolation you need to reel in a big one!

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Everglades, Florida

There is no shortage of fishing spots in the state of Florida. But if you're tired of angling at popular lakes like the Okeechobee or Kissimmee, wander over to some of the canals in the Everglades where you'll have a better chance of catching bass in peak season. However, due to the poor nature of the Everglades' ecosystem, catching fish here is more for sport than for eating. While the biting may be good, you're better off releasing your catch back into the water.


Little Lost River, Idaho

This hidden body of water located in the heart of Idaho is one of the state's true fishing treasures. While it is easily accessible to the public, it doesn't receive a lot of action. Home to rainbow and brook trout and the native bull trout, this river is a great location to kill a few hours catching and releasing without distraction.

For more information on these spots, reach out to your local fish and game commission or wildlife refuges to learn about fees, licenses and catch and release laws.

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