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What You Need to Know About Good Sam Cancer Care

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Imagine you’re in your doctor’s office, you’ve just finished your annual physical, and the doctor asks you to sit down. The news is not good. You have cancer.

How likely is it that you could get that shocking news? If you’re between the ages of 40 and 59, there’s only a 1 in 12 chance cancer could strike you. But once you turn 60 the odds double—to 1 in 6. Furthermore, cancer will strike one out of two men, and one out of 3 women.*

The good news is that the 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers has increased to 68 percent, up from 49 percent between 1975-1977.*

While you may have health insurance, will it be enough to cover cancer treatment? Most insurance policies don’t cover all of the costs to treat cancer. Even if you have Medicare or a private major medical plan, chances are you may have to pay some of the bill.

If you’re between the ages of 50 and 64, the Good Sam Cancer Care Insurance Plan can help you battle the high cost of cancer at a low monthly cost, negotiated on behalf of some 1.5 million Good Sam Club Members.

How could it help you? Consider this: If you—or your spouse—are diagnosed, you can count on cash benefits—paid directly to you, not to the doctor or hospital or lab—to help cover your expenses.

Your plan would help you pay for your hospital room and board, drugs and medicines, and ambulance transportation. The plan also would pay you benefits to cover the costs of an attending physician during a hospital stay, for private nursing care, for chemotherapy, x-ray treatments, and radium and cobalt therapies, blood and plasma, anesthesia, surgery, and more.

You would even receive benefits to see your doctor for diagnostic tests to detect cancer early. Once a year, and every year, the plan will pay you $30 for most outpatient diagnostic procedures.

Start protecting what matters most

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As a Good Sam Club member, you’re eligible for this valuable program and can apply as long as you have not been diagnosed with or treated for cancer (except skin cancer) in the last 5 years (2 years in GA, 12 months in TX, 6 months in CA) and are under age 80 (under 65 in CA). Unfortunately, once cancer strikes, you cannot get this coverage at any price.

Your future is now: It’s time to help protect yourself, your family, and your finances with the Good Sam Club Cancer Care Insurance Plan.

Sign up securely online now or speak with a Good Sam Life & Health Solutions representative by calling 1 (866) 477-4401, Monday to Friday, from 8AM – 7PM (EST).

Underwritten by: Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

*Cancer Facts & Figures, 2015.


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