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Emergency and Accident

If you were to suffer a fatal accident or a medical emergency during your travels, how would you get the help you need? With the Good Sam Club endorsed emergency and accident plans, you’ll receive the medical care you need for a speedy recovery – all while saving money.

Health And Medical

Good Sam Club Life & Health Solutions have been helping RVers protect their family’s health by offering quality health plans as well as other valuable supplemental insurance products. We are committed to providing answers to your healthcare concerns and helping you make an informed decision about your family’s healthcare needs.

Life Insurance

Good Sam Club members could save money and provide the financial protection their loved ones deserve with any of our term life products. With no pressure or obligation, we help you select a policy that fits you and your family’s needs.

No Cost Benefits

As a special “thank you” for your Good Sam Membership, we’re offering additional coverages at no additional cost. Simply activate these coverages and you’ll be good to go.

Accidental Death Plan

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. With these unexpected dangers, it’s important to have a strong safety net to help protect your family’s financial future if something were to happen to you. The MooseVIP Accidental Death Plan can help provide a financial cushion for your loved ones with benefits such as:

  • Accidental Death Benefits up to $100,000.00
  • Benefits paid regardless of any other coverage you may have
  • Guaranteed acceptance
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Travel Accident Protection

Good Sam "ON-THE-MOVE" Coverage Stands By You — Around the Corner OR Around the World

Here's a quick way to make an important difference in helping to secure greater financial confidence for your family:

Activate your  "ON-THE-MOVE" travel accident insurance coverage today. You'll lock in important benefits ($200,000.00 Accidental Death if you die in a private motor vehicle plus an additional $200,000.00 for a total of up to $400,000.00 if traveling in common carrier vehicle. You will also be eligible to receive $500.00 a day if a covered accident lands you in the hospital for up to 12 months).

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Hospital Help Plan

Even with major medical coverage or Medicare, a sudden hospital stay often leaves a significant portion of the bill that's YOURS. That's why Good Sam Life and Health Solutions set up the Hospital Pay-To-You Plan.

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Cancer Care Insurance Plan

Don’t assume you have enough health insurance to cover cancer. You might not. Get the extra money you need to fight cancer.

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Major Medical

Are you in need of affordable Major Medical coverage for yourself or your family? The Good Sam Club endorsed gives you the largest selection of Major Medical plans from the leading health insurance companies.

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Medicare Supplement

As a Good Sam Member, you can take advantage of group Medicare Supplement plans that give you solid protection against today's high medical bills…

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Discount Card

Ready to cut costs on your prescription drugs… eyeglasses and contact lenses…LASIK vision correction... hearing aids… and even diabetes products?

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Long Term Care

As life expectancy increases, make sure you are prepared.

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Individual Term Life

Take the first step today to financial security... protecting your family. Our licensed Life Insurance specialists work with top-rated carriers to find the right policy for your needs. As salaried agents we offer free, unbiased support and zero pressure to work for you, not for commission. Life Insurance Central guides you through the process and is centered on you:

  • Family is everything. Keep your promise to your family even if something happens to you.
  • Life insurance is personal. Our job is to help you find the right policy at best possible price.
  • Trusted since 1996. We take our responsibility to each member seriously, providing exceptional, priority customer service.

Senior Term Life Insurance

You can now quickly and conveniently boost your or your spouse’s life coverage by up to $20,000 with the Senior Term Life Plan.

This benefit program is an ideal opportunity to:

  • Supplement any existing insurance you may have
  • Reinforce a safety net that's diminished in value because of inflation as you got older
  • Add important extra coverage to help pay off a mortgage, medical bills, or final expenses.


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Group Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance For Members Under Age 50.

Set up additional coverage as you build your career or have changes in your family. It’s a smart way to add $50,000.00 member benefits to coverage through work or benefits you may have set up on your own.

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Travel Accident Protection

As a special "thank you" for your Good Sam Membership, you're now eligible to receive $5,000.00 in NO-COST-TO- YOU accidental death insurance to cover you while you're traveling in your RV, 5th Wheel, or at a campground.

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Discount Card

Ready to cut costs on your prescription drugs… eyeglasses and contact lenses… hearing aids… and even diabetes products? Just claim your NO-COST Good Sam Silver Plan Discount Card.

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